Colorism and Children/Teens

Please use this area to post your questions, comments, specific discussion topic suggestions, etc. Dr. Culbreth and guests will answer your questions live on the air on The Dynamics of Colorism Talk Radio. Dr. Culbreth will also answer your questions below.

Discussions: This area may also be used for discussions on how colorism affects children, pre-teens and teens.

This area will also contain information and updates.

On March 6, 2014 and March 13, 2014 join The Dynamics of Colorism Talk Radio for a discussion on “Children and Colorism”.  Both episodes will focus on numerous issues. You do not want to miss either episode.

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I Am Beautiful-ICP


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3 thoughts on “Colorism and Children/Teens

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  2. Coming in November, a book for girls of color titled Live Life Beautiful: Affirmations for Girls of Color. A book for every girl, pre-teen and teen of color to own. Full of positive messages to help girls, pre-teens and teens to live life beautiful. Watch for details and sneak previews. Be the first one to order a copy for the beautiful girl, pre-teen or teen of color in your life.

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